Cayden’s Birth Story

With this being a blog about being a mom, I felt it was only right to share my son’s birth story from 2011. I wrote this the morning after he was born and I love to read through it from time to time. So without further ado…

On Thursday mom and I went to my regular doctor checkup and then to get an ultrasound.  They discovered his amniotic fluid was much lower than they like to see so they sent us to the hospital for an induction.  We stopped by Cory’s work so he would know (go figure he left his phone at home that day!) and then picked up my hospital bag and were on our way!

They started me on Cervidil to thin out my cervix sometime Thursday night.  I got to take a bath and this was the most relaxing night of the whole thing!  I was having contractions but nothing too terrible.  I slept all night and woke up to 50% effaced on Friday.  Lame.  So they shoved a water balloon type contraption up there that was supposed to do the trick as well.  Saturday at midnight they discovered that I was now 75% effaced and 4 cm!!  Wooo!!  So they gave me 2 hours to eat, take a shower, etc. and then at 2am started the Pitocin up again.

Saturday morning I woke up and decided that I wanted my epidural as I was now at 5cm.  The first epidural didn’t work so I got to try a second time.  Contractions were getting worse and then they broke my water and things got even more intense.  By 6pm I had gone another 1 cm.  That’s only 2 cm in 16 hours!

At this point they started talking about c-section but I was not having any of that.  I said we are going to keep going until this kid comes out the bottom!  So we tried several different things and somehow I managed to dilate from 6cm to 9cm!  They gave me about an hour and then around 8:30 or so we decided to start pushing.  At 12:30am they threatened c-section again if he didn’t come out soon.  I was eventually able to push him out at 1:50am!!  Everyone thought I would end up with a c-section but I proved them wrong!!  I ended up pushing a grand total of 5 hours!!!!

Cory misting me because I was burning up from the fever so badly. I think he liked this part a lot lol

I spent most of the birth with a really bad virus.  My temperature stayed at around 103 degrees the entire time with some pretty insane coughing, nasal congestion, headaches and body aches.  It turns out it was a virus in my uterus so we were lucky to get Cayden out when we did.

My temperature has gone down to 97 and the virus is practically gone in my body but it got passed on to Cayden and he is in the NICU for the next 2 days to receive antibiotics.  We’re allowed to visit, feed him, etc. while he is in there so it’s not too terrible but a bummer just the same. We are taking one milestone at a time which included being able to breastfeed this morning!

Right now we are visiting with Grandma and Auntie Shelley and Ian who were all fantastic during everything!  However most of the credit is due to my awesome husband who was so supportive and wonderful the whole time 🙂  I know he will be an awesome dad!!

So with all that said, Cayden should be fine but keep him in your thoughts nonetheless 🙂 Mom is healthy and happy and dad is just well….exhausted!  Lol!

Following all of these events, we were able to take Cayden home about a week later. There is literally no worse feeling than leaving the hospital without your baby and seeing all of the other new moms getting to take their babies home. My thoughts and good vibes go out to those of you who still have little ones in the hospital or nicu.

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